Working together to reach long term success:
unity is strenght.

Rail Surveyors and Engineers (RSE) is a multi-disciplinary firm providing professional services in the transportation and rail transit industry. RSE, which is established in California (USA) and also has offices in Vancouver (Canada), encompasses a broad range of experience in engineering, design, planning, surveying, and construction services.

For almost two decades, RSE has worked with many important authorities, agencies and railway companies aside from the largest engineering firms in USA.

RSE has a work philosophy based on personalized services and quality, providing a proven experience and value thanks to its commitment to meet the client expectations.

We know that success does not occur in isolation. In voxelstudios we are proud to be able to team up with RSE. Thanks to our joint collaboration we can boost our business vision one step further.

We are industry leaders in our respective sectors and we will be even more competent thanks to our commitment of long-term partners.

voxelstudios + Rail Surveyor and Engineers, Inc.
voxelstudios + Rail Surveyor and Engineers, Inc.